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Factors that Can Affect Child Custody

Posted on Feb 25, 2014 by in Custody | 0 comments

Fires and explosions are not only dangerous, but they can be very devastating since they tend to take away properties and life. When they break out, they can cause serious damage to properties and severe injuries, and even lead to death. Not only can an explosion or fire occur in the workplace, it can happen anywhere, especially in the home.

The effects of san explosion or fire can be numerous. Physical injuries such as severe burns, scarring, infections, and even amputations can cause a person to make a person experience a change in the quality of life. It can greatly affect the type of work they will have and their ability to take care of themselves and their families. Divorced parents who are severely injured can have issues keeping up with their child custody arrangement because of the injuries they have sustained, as well as the effect of it on their work and life.

Explosions and fires can also cause financial struggles, especially if they happen in the home. Although having insurance can help in compensating for the damages, it is usually not enough to get back on your feet and start over again, especially if your house has burned down and you don’t know where to live in the meantime.

Another effect of explosion and fire is the emotional and mental anguish. Pain and suffering does not only extend to the physical state, people who have been exposed to huge explosions and fires tend to develop traumas and fears that can be debilitating in their daily lives. Injuries from explosions or fires can last for a very long time, therefore rehabilitation doesn’t just stop after the wounds have healed. People who are on child custody arrangements, those who are going through divorce or marriage issues, or those who are simply doing their own things to make ends meet can view an explosion or fire a very serious danger to their quality of life.

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