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Can I Trust the Market?

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For the first time in my life, I have enough money to start investing in something. At the same time, the market is at an all-time high, and there seems to be no way to lose lately. No matter what is going on in the world, the market is going up. Now, I can profit from it too. Except, I’m afraid to do so.

I came of age right when the Great Recession hit. I saw my friend’s parents lose a lot. Friends had to move away after houses were lost. Grandparents lost all their retirement money. Parents had to take a second job while others lost their jobs and had to look for any work at all that would have them. They were tough, scary times, and I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten over it.

I still have my suspicions about investing because I have suspicions about investors in general. I always think there’s the chance of investment fraud just around the corner as if every guy with a suit who offers some financial advice might be the next Bernie Madoff. Am I being ridiculous or am I being cautious? I can’t tell.

For a long time, I didn’t even trust banks with my checks. I finally got over that a few years ago, for the simple reason I had way too much money to keep in a pillowcase (and I got robbed once in college, which made me hesitant to try to keep more than a bit in the house).

Maybe now is the time to face another fear and put some money down. I could dabble in something safe, say, where there’s little chance of losing money. Bonds are supposed to be good, right? I could get CDs. Maybe I should get the safest possible mutual fund.

I feel like I need face this now because there are other big financial points ahead that I will have to face later. For instance, I’m renting now. How much longer before I want to get a mortgage and buy a house? That too will require a leap of faith that the system is strong enough. To me, that’ll be the biggest leap of all. Just the thought of it reminds me of family friends moving out in 2009.

But I know, deep down, there’s no real way to avoid these things in life. If I want a successful life with a home and enough money not to have to worry later in life, I have to put my money in the places where it will do the most for me. That means, a little in the market, a little in the bank, and a little in a home.

With the market so high, it seems like now is the time to get over my fears. If I get in and make a bit, perhaps I’ll get over my reticence. At this point, I don’t even think about putting my money in the bank anymore. Maybe stocks and a mortgage will be the same way.

Steps to Take in the Event of a Natural Disaster

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Natural disasters can be not only damaging to the morale of a population, but they are extremely damaging to the buildings and structures that stand in their way. Nature and her elements are extraordinary phenomena that can cause obscene amounts of damage to property in the event of a serious incident. Most homeowners are required to pay for a home insurance policy that should provide them with resources and assistance if needed. However, due to corporate interests and company greed, it is common that the insurance claims adjustor will purposely neglect to report damage to the property to pay out as little as possible to the insurance policyholder.

Victims of natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, high winds and rain, tornados, and other violent natural outbreaks experience trauma in many forms. They can experience physical trauma in any of nature’s extreme elements, and they can usually undergo psychological damage during these events as well. This is one reason why it is increasingly important for homeowners to properly handle insurance claims to ensure they receive best possible reparation from the insurance company. In many cases, these companies will attempt to swindle policyholders by not providing them with the care they have been paying into for extended periods of time.

Natural disasters can be extremely costly to property owners in any scenario. Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall in 2005 was deemed the most expensive natural disaster in recorded human history. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Hurricane Katrina was responsible for over $108 billion. This information serves as a testament to the dangerous capabilities of these storms. The recent storm to ravage the Texas coast, Hurricane Harvey is an example of how these storms will continue to damage coastal cities causing billions of dollars in losses. To ensure that adequate coverage is honored in these extreme events it would be wise to seek consultation from experienced insurance consultants that can alleviate some of the many tensions faced by natural disaster survivors. Once an individual has received the competent care provided by these professionals they can begin the process of adjusting claims and facilitating appeals that will grant them adequate compensation. Most insurance companies have been known to give the least amount of money possible to policyholders in hopes of saving their bottom line. This abuse of power is not only unethical; it is thievery. Many policyholders pay significant amounts of money to receive assistance in these particular instances, yet often have difficulties receiving their settlements.

Natural disasters can be life threatening events of catastrophe. They often are capable of causing intense amounts of destruction to physical structures and the morale among citizens. Many property owners pay into insurance policies that are designed to grant them funds for damages incurred during storms of various nature, but due to unethical business practices and corporate greed homeowners often have difficulty in receiving their money. Most people need an experienced insurance consultant to help them out of these situations and to obtain the money they deserve for their losses.

Simple Driving Mistakes That Lead to Car Accidents

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Did you know that even simple driving mistakes can lead to car accidents? What make this concept so tragic are the facts that the mistakes are easily avoidable and the accidents that follow are catastrophic.

According to the website of Abel Law, some of the worst damages associated with car accidents include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and wrongful death. You can easily sustain some if not all these damages even on simple mistakes, such as the following.

Driving while distracted

Some drivers are just so confident of their driving abilities that they intentionally drive while distracted by mobile phones, foods, drinks, radios, GPS devices, and even talkative passengers. They may remove their hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and mind from the act of driving, resulting into poor traffic comprehension, compromised vision, limited control of the vehicle, and slow reaction time.

Not using the turn signal

Positioning is important when it comes to traffic safety. One way to keep track of future positioning is the use of turn signals. Every time you make a turning maneuver, use your turn signal, so the motorists and pedestrians around you can adjust accordingly. Not using the signal can lead to misunderstandings and errors, and they can ultimately lead to collisions.

Not looking at the mirrors

It cannot be stressed enough that positioning is important. Your turn signal is not absolute, in the sense that giving the signal doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody is going to give in to you. Like signals, mirrors are particularly important during turning maneuvers, because they can prevent collisions that may arise from positioning issues.

Rushing through a yellow light

It has become a habit of many drivers to speed up during a yellow light, because they don’t want to get caught on a red light and stop. But it is important to note that the yellow light actually signals you to slow down for the red light.

This habit has been the cause of many accidents in intersections, and the sad part here is that you are clearly the one at fault. The website of the Houston car accident lawyers at Williams Kherkher mentions that you may be held legally liable on such instances that you may even be required to pay compensation to those who you have troubled.

The Dangers of Working in the Shipping Industry

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The workers in the shipping industry are truly respectable. Firstly, they keep the economy moving through the transportation of goods. Secondly, they do this while being away from their family and friends. Thirdly, they do this while being near the dangers of working in such an industry.

Natural Hazards

The most apparent risk at sea is the weather condition. Hazardous conditions such as hurricanes, thunder storms, typhoons, and even merely big waves, may be severe enough to topple the biggest ships. When that happens, expect the worst. For those who are relatively luckier, the rainwater, strong winds, and force of crashing waves can merely shake the ship, but this can still cause accidents, such as slipping, tripping, falling, and even malfunctioning ship equipment. Violent weather is not only the natural hazard in the water, as there are possible obstructions that may pose the same dangers, such as coral reefs and icebergs.

Dangerous Working Conditions

Employers and owners of seafaring vessels are responsible for providing a safe workplace for its crew. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, failing in this responsibility may result into legal action through the Jones Act, especially if negligence or recklessness has been involved. Below are just some of the issues that can occur on a ship:

  • Amputations and other injuries from heavy machine defects
  • Drowning accidents from accidental falls into water
  • Explosions and fires from electrical malfunctions
  • Falling accidents from elevated spaces
  • Slipping accidents from substances such as grease
  • Suffocation and other oxygen problems from high pressure and small work areas

Mesothelioma and Other Exposure Complications

The ships themselves or their cargos may contain materials that can be dangerous to humans on long exposures. For example, many constructed ships today still have asbestos, and workers may get cancer from asbestos exposure. This cancer is called mesothelioma, and its symptoms may only surface after years of exposure. Other products that can be equally dangerous are chemicals that can create lung and skin problems and elements such as lead that can compromise your body systems.

Possible Injuries from Dog Bites

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One of the most common pets in the household are dogs. This also means that people are more vulnerable to dog bites compared to other animal attacks. In fact, dog bites are such a strong issue in America that there are legal professionals who specialize on them.
According to a dog bites article from the website of New Bedford, Massachusetts personal injury attorneys of the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD., dog owners or other persons who have responsibility over a dog that has bitten another person may be held liable for their negligence.

The fact that the law is on the side of the victims is enough proof that lawmakers take this issue seriously. There is good reason for that seriousness. Dog bites can result into injuries that not just translate into medical bills, but also into lost time at work and school and overall enjoyment in life.

Nerve Damage
If the dog’s bite is deep and hard, it may result into nerve damage. This is especially true if the victim has limited sensations in the affected area, tingling and burning sensations, and other sensory issues. What makes nerve damage devastating is the fact that it can cause problems even after the dog bite wound has been healed.

Dog bite wounds also have the tendency to scar. A victim may even be considered lucky if the wound is in the arm or leg area, as those body parts are not cosmetically viable. If the wound has been sustained in the face and scarring has occurred, it may affect the victim’s quality of life, especially in terms of confidence.

One of the most devastating effects of dog bites is infection. As dogs tend to lick and go through dirty places and materials, they may be covered in bacteria and other harmful elements that may cause infections to the wound. The dog and the victim should also be monitored of rabies.

Emotional and Psychological Issue
Sometimes, the damage caused by dog bites are more than physical. Victims, especially those from the very young and very old demographics, can sustain post-traumatic stress disorders from dog bites. This may translate to anxiety and discomfort upon the sight of dogs, flashbacks and nightmares regarding the traumatic event, and other stressful reactions

Employee’s Rights against Wrongful Termination

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Wrongful termination, discharge or dismissal are situations wherein termination of an employee from work violates not only the provisions of the employment law, but also the terms that are stipulated in an employment contract. All employees in the U.S. are protected by the Employee Rights against wrongful termination. These rights are based on:

Statutory Rights: these are mandated by the state or federal government and require an advance notice of the closure of or a facility or sizeable lay-offs (due to retrenchment), provision of unemployment insurance and protection through anti-retaliation and anti-discrimination laws;

Company Policy: states the provision of severance payment in case of company lay-offs; and,

Contract Rights: an employee’s individual contract with his/her employers which may be sheltered by a union/collective bargaining agreement.

If, despite these rights, an employee sees foul play in losing his/her work, then the Wrongful Termination Law can be used to determine whether the termination was legal. The Wrongful Termination Law also provides possible remedies in cases of wrongful removal from work.

The usual reported causes of wrongful termination include discrimination, retaliation, refusal of employee to perform an illegal act (at the command of the employer), failure of employer to abide by the company’s policies on termination procedures and whistle blowing or complaining.

Besides wrongful termination, there are two other means used by employers to terminate an employee:

Constructive dismissal –a voluntary decision (by the employee) to quit from work arrived at due to the unbearable working conditions at the doings of the employer. These conditions may take the form of unconstructive changes in work and/or pay, harassment and/or discrimination.

This voluntary resignation may be legally compared to wrongful discharge; the employee only needs to prove that he/she has quit work due to a breach of contract by the employer. The Employment Rights Act of 1996 states that any employee, who ends his/her employment contract due to the employer’s conduct, may be considered as illegally dismissed.

The “Employment at Will” Doctrine – simply means that any employee may be dismissed (even without notice) or can resign from work any time even without valid reason/s. There are circumstances, though, which will render this doctrine not applicable, such as if the employee is covered by a contract of employment, a company policy that provides termination procedure or a collective bargaining agreement.

According to the law firm Williams Kherkher, no employer has the freedom to fire employees for discriminatory reasons, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. There are many protections in place for employees, thus, employees who feel that they were fired unjustly, may hold their employer accountable for violating employment law.

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Make Sure Your Social Security Disability Benefits Application Doesn’t Get Denied

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Disability is a dreaded eventuality and some research studies show that three out of ten new, young employees will most likely get disabled before they retire. Thanks to the Social Security Administration which provides monetary benefits to individuals who lose the ability to work for at least a year due to disabling medical condition. To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, however, one will first have to declared disable according to how SSA defines the word.

To the word “disabled” SSA associates three elements: inability of the person to continue the work he/she performed before the disability; the incapacity to do any other form of work due to medical state; and, the disability is expected to last for at least a year or may result in the person’s death. Such disability is total and permanent – the type that SSA considers eligible for the benefits applied for. This means that those suffering from partial or short-term disabilities are not covered by SSA, which has two major programs, namely, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

The Supplemental Security Income is a benefit given to a disabled individual who has limited income and resources. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), on the other hand, is given to insured workers 65 years old and below. “Insured worker” refers to any employee who has earned work credits through payment of SS taxes; such employee should also have worked just recently and long enough to qualify for the SS disability benefit.

To help SSA determine fast if a claimant’s disability qualifies him/her to receive benefits, it has drawn up a list of severe medical conditions; illnesses or disabilities found in this list can automatically render a claimant eligible to the benefit applied for.

Oftentimes, even if a person is qualified to receive benefits, his/her application gets denied due to technical errors and/or lack of the required documents. The financial support and assistance provided by SSA has a major effect in the life any benefit claimant; however, the process can be just quite complex and requires a long wait.

To help SSA expedite the evaluation and processing of your claim application, it is important that you make sure that all the required documents (original or certified true copies) and all information about yourself plus proofs of your disability are submitted with the correctly filled out claim form.

According to the Hankey Law Office firm, hiring a lawyer to help you acquire, prepare and submit all needed forms and documents can be a good move to help you get over the worry of probably having missed anything that can result to denial of your application.

Now Here Comes The Medical Bills – Who’s Going To Pay?

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Getting into a car accident can be debilitating. According to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 10 million car accidents in the US alone. The accident can range from simple to fatal. If not death, the defendant can find themselves in a hospital bed due to injuries. In times like these, one question that comes to mind is “Who is going to pay for the medical expenses?” This article will provide some answers to this nagging question.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, the medical costs associated with car accidents may vary depending on the extent of the injury. The costs may also include ambulance, x-rays, CT scans, room and accomodation, and others. The cost may quickly pile up that it may become burdensome for the defendant to shoulder on his own.

In general, the defendant will not have to cover for their medical expenses. The only exception is when they are in a “no-fault” state. In these locations, it is the insurance providers who will pay for the bill regardless of who was “at-fault.” In some states, there is a ceiling on how much the insurer will pay. This will vary from one state to another although it is generally $10,000 or less.

On the other hand, if the accident takes place in a state where the “no-fault” rule is not applicable, the defendant will be liable for paying the medical expenses out of his own pocket. An exception is when the owner’s property insurance policy includes a “med pay” coverage. With this provision, it will be the defendants insurance provider that will pay for the medical bills, based ont the limit of the “med pay” policy.

A worst case scenario could also see the defendant forced to shoulder the whole medical expenses because they have no personal injury case and it was their own fault.

At-Fault Car Accidents

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In accordance with the United States Census Bureau, more than ten million motor vehicle injuries occurred in the year 2009. Based on this data, it’s not difficult to see why lawyers may inform you that accidents are a component of the risks you will need to ponder when driving in the future. Countless people are injured and involved in car accidents each year. You’ll be able to just take additional care in order to avoid unnecessary scenarios; nonetheless, it is not realistic to consider that you’re totally exempt from what may happen.

You must accept that mishaps will be a component of life when you have a vehicle. It’s possible for you to hope for the best and make an effort to keep secure, but there’s not any way to take into account what might happen in the future. It is easier to think forward and to be smart.

If you’re the motorist at fault, there’s a very big chance the injury you caused may have an impact on your own current auto insurance coverage. For one, you are able to expect your rates when it comes time to renew your coverage, to increase. Sometimes, you may even have to cover additional fees along with that. After filing an official claim, particular situations can cause this sudden surcharge like if you have been cited for a traffic violation or were officially named at fault. To avoid these charges, you may add your policy and an injury forgiveness clause.

Despite that, you don’t have to be concerned about receiving adequate protection for the damages caused equally to you and the sufferer. Protection can be ensured by collision coverage for all damages resulting from a collision, irrespective of whether the policyholder was responsible or not. It is not easy to visualize yourself in the shoes of the person who was responsible for the accident when it happens. Should you result in a wreck or inadvertently rear end another vehicle, your automobile insurance coverage can help mitigate the ensuing damages. For more information, contact your local car accident lawyer.